DD Fit @Dundee Digs, your on-site free gym is now open to residents. As Dundee’s only dedicated workforce accommodation, we know what the lifestyle can be like for those working far from home.

Our residents have busy and physical jobs, so when you’re finished for the day the only thing to do is have a few beers, order a takeaway, and fire up the Xbox. No judgement here – it sounds like a pretty good way to spend an evening to us!

But there are downsides to being away from home during the working week, and one of them is the toll it takes on your health. It’s harder to cook healthy meals from scratch, easier to join in with pizza nights, and all too easy to lounge about binge watching Netflix.

Missing your routine

The other problem is that you can lose touch with your normal routines, whether that’s visiting family, picking the kids up from the school, or hitting the gym before or after work. It can also be a bit of a lonely experience, being miles from home with only colleagues for company. You like your colleagues, but it’s not quite the same as curling up on the couch with your partner is it?

Because Dundee Digs is dedicated workforce accommodation, we think we’ve got to know you all pretty well, and we’re always coming up with ways to help you make the most of working away from home. That’s why we’ve opened DD Fit, an on-site gym that’s just for residents.

DD Fit keeping you healthy

As well as giving you a healthier way to spend your evenings (especially during the darker winter months) physical exercise is also one of the best ways to pick up your mood. Whether you’re into lifting, cardio, or you’re a beginner at the gym, our dedicated and private space is there for you to use 24/7. It’s free so you can visit as often as you like, with no monthly membership costs to pay.

Come and talk to the on-site team to arrange access the first time you want to visit – and if you have any other ideas on how we can make your time at Dundee Digs even better, you know where to find us.